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Photo by Rozanne/flickr

Photo by Rozanne/flickr

Is speeding an issue in your neighborhood?

Don’t try signs – they never work!

Speed bumps?  Sure – but remember that you’ll have to drive over them at least twice a day for…like…ever.

May I suggest another traffic calming solution for you?

Install a Temple.

That’s right.  Temples and shrines are the latest and greatest in traffic calming solutions.  For just $3.5 million dollars (I made that number up, if you couldn’t tell), you and your neighbors can enjoy the peace and quiet that only slow moving vehicles can provide.

Dont’ belive me?

It’s a proven strategy in India.  Temples slow traffic down as drivers take time to ask their dieties for blessings (like, “please don’t let me run out of gas!”)

The local goverenement in India even has a “warrant system” for determining when and where these “devices” are installed.  From a fellow blogger:

Up to three accidents at a particular spot and a yellow colored flag is posted. At 5 accidents they post a red color flag. If the accidents continue to take place or if any casualties take place, a mini Hindu temple is built and voila! Accidents at that particular spot seem to seize almost entirely.

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