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I know Google has a lot of money – a lot of money.  Enough money to pay someone (or many someones) to drive all the roads of the world and take 360 degree photos every 5m or so…and develop the software to stitch the photos together and get them working with Google Earth.

But why?

Who’s using this “tool”?

I know I am…but I’m a traffic engineer.  When I first saw street view, I honestly thought Google’s target market was me.  But there aren’t enough transportation professionals out there to justify the massive cost to put Street View all together – and then just give it away for free.

I can think of just a couple of ideas why regular “civilians” would use Google’s Street View:

  • Real Estate. This one makes the most sense.  Moving to a new city or a new neighborhood, Street View can save you lots of time and money by showing you the “curb appeal” of your potential new home.
  • Navigation. If you print out directions from google maps, you can get the Street View of all your turns.  Adds a new dimension to…..take your 4th right…2nd left…

“Anonymous” answers the question of Street View – What’s the point?

It gives the googlegeeks some idea of what Outside looks like.

So how do you use Street View?  Is it a distraction or a useful tool?  I’d love to find out…


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