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Now I’m not positive – but it’s highly likely that Tom Cruise really is the most famous traffic engineer in the world.

Ever seen Mission Impossible? Ethan Hunt, Cruise’s character in the series, always has his alias occupations to cover his secret life as a spy. In MI3 the writers decided he’d be a traffic engineer with a state Department of Transportation (which happens to be exactly my job – execept I work as a traffic engineer for a province in Canada).

But seriously, Tom Cruise — a traffic engineer?  See for yourself…

Did you notice the fake “snore” at the end.  That’s my favorite part.  Apparently the writers think traffic engineering is an incredibly boring topic.  Those same writers are most definitely not the target market for 2cargarage, that’s for sure.

And this blog is going to prove that the topic of traffic is anything but boring.

Quick!  Besides Tom Cruise, name another famous traffic engineer.

…..Okay….can you name any traffic engineer……….

That’s right, traffic engineers are even more secretive then spy’s!  Take that Tom Cruise!


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